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Non-Woven Gauntlet
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Non-Woven Gauntlets represent the latest step in the long evolution of tubular positive plate active material retainers. For almost 100 years, these retainers evolved from single tubes of various materials to woven gauntlets and in recent years to NON-WOVEN gauntlets. Our gauntlets created by sewing together two strips of non-woven polyester fiber fabric stabilized by hot point calendering. Non-Woven Gauntlets can also be protected against plate edge short circuits:

- Flat edge barrier giving full utilization of both outer tubes
- Outer tube partial sealing

Features :

1. Improved Battery Capacity and Cycle Life due to:

- Finest Pore Structure
- Highest Porosity and Lowest Electrical Resistance
- Greatest Electrolyte Retention

2. Compatibility with Wet and Dry Filling methods

3. Edge Protection against lateral short circuits

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